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About AFI Professional

AFI Professional is a stand-alone program designed from the ground up to do reserve studies. Development and improvement of the program is ongoing, with the first commercial release of AFI Professional in September of 2001. Since the first internal release of AFI Professional, ease of use and the ability to produce a complete reserve study quickly has been paramount.

Constant testing of AFI Professional in real world situations has produced a program that is versatile, robust, and dependable. In the production environment, where time is money, and the pressure to produce a finished report is unrelenting, AFI Professional delivers.

Reserve studies rarely survive an initial review by a client. Changes, additions, deletions, and modifications are a fact of life. In some instances, a reserve study may have to be completely restructured to satisfy the needs of a client. In this environment, AFI Professional will make you smile.

Changes can be made almost as fast as you can click with your mouse, or type a name.  See changes as soon as they are made, or click to preview the entire report or only a single page. Zoom, pan, or page through in the print preview before you print.  Instead of printing a twenty or thirty page report, generate a single, compact, PDF document that you can e-mail for review, saving postage, printing costs, and time.  PDF documents are viewable and printable but cannot be edited.

Everyone complains about reserve payments, so we've added an option to minimize the payments.  Yes, it's true, AFI Professional can reduce the annual reserve payments, and in many cases substantially.

When it comes time to print a reserve study, AFI will save you time and effort. Print a complete reserve study with two or three clicks of a mouse, including an optional letter of transmittal, report index, and cover sheet. Every page is numbered and the report is collated from within AFI Professional, ready for binding or stapling.

Even with all of the options in AFI Professional, the program is easy to use, and well documented. Click for help anywhere in the program to get help that really helps.

Most specialty programs have a long learning curve, but not AFI Professional. The interface is intuitive and easy to understand. In field tests with novice users, we have found that most people are up and using the program in only a few minutes. It's hard to believe, but it's true when we say, "We make reserve studies easy!"

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