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“We Make Reserve Studies Easy”





AFI will convert your reserve study to an AFI database for only $125.00 per study.  Conversion will consist of a review of your reserve study and data input of existing items.  No changes will be made to your reserve study data.  All expected and remaining economic lives will be entered exactly as your study shows.


Please enclose a complete copy(s) of you reserve study.  Your reserve study(s) will be e-mailed to you or if you wish a 3.5-inch floppy can be mailed.


To bring your reserve study up to date you will need to update your current reserve balances and remaining lives.  That all that is required to bring your reserve study up to date.


I would like to have my reserve study(s) converted to the AFI format.


#______ of reserve studies to be converted.


#______ X $125.00 each = ____________


Please complete the following with your order:


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Check Amount _______________________


Note: Your reserve study(s) mailed to you upon request. Mail my reserve study(s) _______


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