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Program bugs are a fact of life. Period.  End of subject.

We've tried to make AFI Professional as bug free as possible, but you may find an unusual condition we have not seen or did not think of, so please report it to us if you do find a bug.  We'll make the correction and post a patch at the AFI Professional web site.

To report a bug: make sure it's a program bug and not something wrong with your computer, printer, or printer settings.

If you're sure it's a bug, then we will need to know a few things about the bug you found.

A Bug Report isn't much good if we can't reproduce the problem. If we can't reproduce the problem, we can't fix it.

A bug report such as:
I can't get AFI Professional to add reserve items.

OK, so what do you want us to do about that?

This kind of bug report just won't solve the problem.

Here's what we'll need:

Your Name

Your e-mail address

AFI Product Name

AFI Version Number

Registered Copy?

Error Message(if any)

OS Name

System Manufacturer

System Model

System Type


Total physical memory

Page file space

Detailed description of the bug. What happened exactly (sequence of events that reproduces the bug).

We may need to get in touch with you to clarify your bug report, so please include your name and e-mail address.

The AFI version number is shown on the start up splash screen.

If you're not sure about any of this information, click on Help in the main menu and then click on the About AFI button.

When the About AFI dialog displays, click on System Information and a detailed system information screen will display.

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