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Sparks, Nevada 89431-6255

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“We Make Reserve Studies Easy”




I would like to order:


AFI Professional ______ Cost $895.00 Plus tax @ 7.75% Total $961.01

AFI Professional is designed for the professional and can make unlimited copies of reserve studies.


AFI Reserves      ______ Cost $269.00 Plus tax @ 7.75% Total $288.44

AFI Reserves is designed for the individual user and can make unlimited copies of a single reserve study.


Contact Name _____________________    Phone # __________________


Registered Name ______________________________________________


Address ____________________________ City _____________________


State _______________________________ Zip Code  ________________


E-Mail Address ______________________ 


Check Amount _______________________


Required Information:

     For AFI Professional: Name and Hardware Fingerprint    (i.e.: John Smith E97E-34FC)

     For AFI Reserves: Name, Street Address, City, State, and Zip Code

            (i.e.: John Smith, 123 Jones St., Smith Town, State, 89953)

The program is will operate in demonstration mode until unlocked. 


Hardware Fingerprint:   ________________________


Name:                              ________________________                         


Note: If you have installed the program you can get your hardware fingerprint by clicking on purchase in the menu at the top of the first screen. If this is a

AFI Reserve please include association name and address.


AFI Professional order desk